My youngest is taking a test to try to get into the magnet school for Kindergarten today. I can’t even believe she will be going to Kindergarten next year. All my kids went to daycare from the time they were 18 months. I never cried when my boys started Kindergarten. But, I can already tell I’m going to cry when she starts next year. She is such a Momma’s girl, and she’s supposed to still be a baby. Hold your babies. They don’t stay babies for long!



10 thoughts on “Kindergarten

  1. Things are going to be quiet around your house soon with a ll the little ones in school. Life is a series of transitions. My oldest is just now finishing her Jr. year of high school. Our next big transition is college. Boy does that feel odd.

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  2. Oh she is darling! Both of my daughters, now grown, went to Magnet schools here in Raleigh, NC! I hope all goes well and she will enjoy their program. If not, she will be happy elsewhere I imagine, I pray, because she is a sweet one! She is lucky to have such an advocate for a mother!


    • Thanks! She’s so sweet. I love my boy, but there’s something special about that mother-daughter bond. She did well on the test, but then they place them in a lottery, so we just have to cross our fingers. Her brothers go to the same school, and we love it.


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