Dog Parks, Writing, and Kavanaugh

I met a dog named Dog today. I took Son Number Two to the dog park. Dog was a sweet old dog. His owner said she’d gotten to the age where she just names her dogs “Dog” and her cats “Cat.” I liked it. It reminded me of Because of Winn Dixie for some reason.

Son Number Two always gets hurt when we go to Shakespeare. Shakespeare is a park that has a Fine Arts Museum and the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, a outdoor amphitheater, a dog park, and lots of green space.

But for Son Number Two the following things have happened at Shakespeare:

  • Fell and broke his wrist
  • Fell and his head hit a hard stone, causing a small bullet-sized wound on his head. The wound went all the way to his skull
  • And today–got bitten by a dog at the dog park. I didn’t lose my shit. My dog, Jazz, has nipped a kid before. She can be a bad dog. This dog had just bit another kid though, and then went after Son Number Two. And he did the grab and started to try to shake. I don’t know what set him off. Son Number Two and I were on the way out of the park.

He is okay. He is currently at movies with his dad and brother. They’re seeing something I don’t want to see so I’m having alone time.

My writing is non-existent. My sister wants me to write about my alopecia for The Moth. I also need to be writing and submitting, but I’ve been so busy. Plus, I have thank you letters for work to write, and PTA minutes to write. So much to do.

I wanted to comment on the Kavanaugh proceedings when they were going on, but didn’t have the heart to, especially with the way things went. I am worried for women. I am worried for America. I am watching The Handmaid’s Tale and it suddenly doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibilities that women’s rights could be erased. I believe women when they say they’ve been assaulted. False accusations are rare. But in the U.S. we still have this blame the victim mentality. And then Kavanaugh played the victim. I don’t want to get political, BUT I don’t think respecting women and listening to them is a political issues. I think we need to learn how to teach our young boys to be gentlemen and that sexual assault is bad. We need to change the narrative.

Signing out–hope to write more. I plan on posting some stories soon, you know, once I start writing them again.

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2 thoughts on “Dog Parks, Writing, and Kavanaugh

  1. Lauren:
    I love to read your stuff. Thank you for sharing your talents and thoughts. You are quite a wordsmith and you get your points across well. I love to hear your thoughts and views on things and you are respectfull and are good at telling both sides of the story. I’m proud of you as a mom and person. Thank you for sharing with us! We/ I do Love you and your family even you dont hear from me much…Im just busy working and with my own life…..WIsh our huge fam coult get togeather more often. I know you are busy but set aside a time each week for your writing that small amount of time in your busy week can eventually add up to what your current writing goals are. ALso congrats on your new job and teaching venture! XXOO Sincerely & Respectfully….
    Love Aunt Monica.


  2. Whoa, my sympathies to Son #2. He must be made of tough stuff, but still–a hole to the skull? Maybe he needs a batting helmet when he goes to this danger-ridden public space. As for writing time, there are whole weeks when it can disappear faster than a New York minute. Be kind to yourself. We all must be kind to ourselves because I suspect under the “new regime–SCOTUS and POTUS–not much kindness, fairness, or humanity will be coming down the pike. As I say everywhere these days, vote early–and often.

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