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About This Site:

Lauren Greene Writes is generally a site about writing; however, at times I will discuss weight loss, healthy eating, running, my kids, alopecia, and various other topics! Stick around to find out anything and everything you ever want to know about me. I like to spill my guts all over my blog, and I don’t shy away from tough topics like politics and mental illness.

More About Lauren:

I started writing as a little girl. I mostly write women’s fiction and Southern Fiction. My first book, “No Turning Back” was self-published in January of 2015. My second book, a coming-of-age story work of Southern fiction called The Devil Within, was published in July 2015, but is currently out of print. When I’m not writing, I stay busy wrangling three kids, working a full time job, and working out to perfect my hot-mom body.  My favorite hobbies are reading, binge-watching Netflix, and gorging on carbs.

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