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About This Site:

Lauren Greene Writes is generally a site about writing; however, at times Lauren will discuss weight loss, healthy eating, running, her kids, alopecia, and various other topics! Stick around to find out anything and everything you ever wanted to know about Lauren. She’ll spill her guts over on the blog page, so don’t forget to check it out!

More About Lauren:

Lauren Greene started writing when she was seven years old, although most of her tales of yesteryear included stories of the Civil War, boy triplets, and horrible despair.  Now, she mostly focuses on Southern Fiction.  Her first book, “No Turning Back” published in January of 2015 was uncharacteristically women’s fiction. Her second book, a coming-of-age story work of Southern fiction called The Devil Within, was published in July 2015. When she’s not writing, Lauren stays busy wrangling three kids, working a full time job, and working out to perfect her hot body.  Lauren’s favorite hobby is reading (of course, she’s a writer!).  She also takes an interest in supporting NAAF to find a cure for alopecia areata, a matter close to her heart, because it affects her personally.

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