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First and foremost, the important news:

The Devil Within ebook is available to purchase for free from November 9 – November 13th! Get it while it’s hot!

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Who doesn’t like to curl up with a good book and read on a cold, rainy day. It’s cold and rainy here today. Yesterday was cold and rainy too. Instead of reading I binge-watched New Girl on Netflix and laughed my ass off. I got absolutely no writing done, because my hand was hurting. (Thanks rain) Also, because I attended an adult pajama party until 1 AM on Friday night and then my son had a spend-the-night party on Saturday night. Six eleven year old boys can be awfully loud, especially when their game of choice is Black Ops. Maybe by the time they’re 12 they’ll settle down and talk about girls? Or is that something that only girls do at spend-the-night parties–talk about boys?

Today, I have marketing to do and then I need to catch up by about 6,000 on NaNoWriMo. I’m figuring when I get my splint off my hand I’ll be able to make up for those words I missed, unless I have a productive Veteran’s Day. I’m not sure we have other plans this week besides the normal crazy shuffling around of three kids to various activities.

How was your weekend?

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No Turning Back from Kindergarten!

Today, my darling daughter and I are taking one last vacation before school starts. She’s starting Kindergarten next week. I can’t believe she’s already five. I’ll blink, and she’ll be eighteen/ I feel like when my boys went to Kindergarten, I wasn’t as much as a slobbery mess as I am with Hailey. Maybe it’s because she’s my baby, and it signifies that I have no more babies at home. Maybe I’m just becoming a huge softy in my old age. Whatever it is, I’m so emotional. I know she’ll do fine. She’s outgoing and sweet and a hard worker (when she’s not in her imaginary world–I wonder who she gets that from?). I think her mommy is going to have more trouble with her leaving the nest than she is!

How did you feel when your birdies went to Kindergarten or left the nest?

Before I leave you, I wanted to let you all know that my first book, No Turning Backis available for the next two weeks at for kindle at Amazon and for the nook at Barnes & Noble* for only $1.99.

No Turning Back is my first novel and is in the women’s fiction genre. It’s a unrequited love story with a little twist! I self-published it back in January. Here’s the blurb:

Kaia Hart seems to have it all: a job as a successful architect, two perfect children, and a handsome husband, Patrick, but she’s haunted by an accident in her past. On a business call, one day, she’s surprised to find Asher, her once-love, has moved to town and will be working with her. In “No Turning Back,” Kaia faces nightmares from her past and big decisions about her future, as the two worlds seem to collide. Will Kaia give up everything for Asher, or will she find comfort in the arms of Patrick?


*B&N is currently showing the $3.99 price, but it should be updated shortly.
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