Magical Green Thumb

When I was in college, I bought a little velvety plant and named him Elvis. I think Elvis was an African violet. He basically had no chance. I loved that plant. I talked to it. I watered it (probably too much), and then I eventually forgot about Elvis. And well, Elvis left the building.

I have always said I have a black thumb. My mom has a green thumb. She can grow anything. Her house is filled with plants. She has had a Christmas Cactus (that blooms at Thanksgiving) for going on 20 years, and it’s beautiful.

This year, I decided to give some plants an opportunity to live with me. I apologized to each of my plants as I bought them, thinking for sure I would kill them. Well, I’m happy to say that six months after buying my spider plant it’s still alive. I added a snake plant, which I really love. It’s my favorite. The leaves settled down at night, and then during the day they raise up toward the sun. This one looks like it has alligator stripes. I bought it from Ballantyne’s Market at 11. I’d tell you who sold it to me, but I lost or threw away the card. My 13 year old son says I’m now like a grandma, since I have plants and talk to them. I’ll take that. Grandmas are nurturing and caring–two traits I strive for.

My beautiful baby

Every time one of my plants has a new leaf, I get excited. I have a small Chinese Evergreen that I need to repot. I’m super worried I will kill it, but it must be done. It needs a little more space to grow — don’t we all?

For Christmas, my husband gave me a gift card to a local nursery. What plant do you think I should attempt not-to-kill next?

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