Underground and Urban Fantasy

A couple of years ago, I started a Dystopian piece called Underground. I imagined it being a book, but then a short story contest by Almond Press came along. I tried to adapt Underground as a short story. It didn’t work too well, and I didn’t win. And then I abandoned the story all together. The last few days, I’ve been thinking about picking it up again. I tend to do this when I’m having a hard time with one story, jump around and see what else I should work on instead of focusing on what I need to. The problem is the story has a billion moving parts, and I need to plot it out and work out all the details of the society–doing this amount of world building is a bit overwhelming to me. And when I’m overwhelmed I under perform.

I’ve also thought of exploring Urban Fantasy a little bit more. I did a mash up piece, Urban Fantasy and Alternate History, for Chuck Wendig’s Terrible Minds a few months back, titled The Wall. You can read it at Adventures in Lululand, my other website that I’ve been neglecting lately. What’s there not to like about killer fairies? I may expand this story, as I had a lot of people interested in the concept. I did a smaller short story, Berlin, as a follow up for a flash fiction contest too.

Both of these ideas are sitting in my mind, taking up space, as ideas tend to do in writers’ heads. But at least I know I have ideas I can explore if my current work-in-progress doesn’t pan out.

5 thoughts on “Underground and Urban Fantasy

  1. I love urban fantasy and I’m intrigued by your killer fairies.

    Want to have a Skype brainstorming session sometime and see what we can come up with?

    *stern voice*I mean, *ahem* focus on your project at hand, that’s what you should do. *ahem*


  2. (This may be posting twice, it asked me to sign in after I had written my comment and now it’s not there, so my apologies for a double post.)

    I love urban fantasy and I am intrigued by killer fairies!

    Want to have a Skype brainstorming session sometime and see what we can come up with for you?

    I mean, *stern voice* Ahem, focus intensely on your current project, that’s what you should do. Ahem.


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