Ode to Technology

Oh technology, how I love thee.
How I hate thee.
Let me count the ways.

You probably noticed this site changed. I thought, mistakenly, that if I changed the theme I might have access to the “add plugin” button on my dashboard. This is not the case, and it will never be the case.

Stupid me should have read a little bit more about web-hosting before I made my website. Apparently if you have a wordpress.org site hosted by someone like Bluehost then you can add a plugin. But if you are using a site hosted by wordpress.com then you can’t (you can only use the plug-ins they allow). I wasted money buying a domain name, and at some point in the future will have to move this site. Not now. I like this site, and I have too many irons in the fire (cliché) to go all willy nilly and work on exporting my site to a new one. I may never change it. It depends on how motivated I am.

The only reason I wanted to change it in the first place was to be able to place a mailchimp sign-up form on the site. I’d like you all to be able to sign up for my newsletter, so here’s how you can do it.

Click this link to signup for my newsletter The Greene Penhttp://eepurl.com/bo4ILP

Also, I’ll be simultaneously posting my blogs to my blogspot site:http://www.lululandadventures.blogspot.com.   I have abandoned this blog recently (so sad), but I figured if I just posted the same blog there then maybe I could get more readership since it post to Google too. And, oh yeah, I can embed the mailchimp blog on their site, unlike with WordPress.

So technology, I hate you for being so complicating. I love you for letting me spread the word about my newsletter and my new book, The Devil Within, due to come out June 22ndish.

And speaking of The Devil Within…Guess what Friday is? It’s cover reveal day!  Join me and a dozen of my friends as I show you the amazing cover Greg Simanson made for my book!

Peace out. Tell me your preference in the comments below: Do you like this theme called Apostrophe or should I go back to the previous theme, Hemingway?

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