Slow Down

Sometimes all I want is for things to slow down. I’ve been traveling for the last few weekends with my oldest son to gymnastics meets. This past weekend, we went to Knoxville to the Ozone Invitational, and then we drove over to Nashville in some horrible fog to see my sister.

At the awards at the meet (Caden came in 7th out of the other 36 gymnasts in his age group), John Roethlisberger a former Olympian spoke to us about how hard gymnastics is and how wonderful it is that our children have chosen this sport. Caden was super excited when we left, and he came up to us and said, “Good job!” and I told Caden that he was a former Olympian. I think that made his life.


And here Caden is on the rings. I love how close we were able to get at his meet. The video is so clear, because we could walk around and see him from all sides (pretty much). He earned a 9.6 on rings. His best score of the meet was 10.9 on high bar, but he scored 9 or over on all events.

Now I’m looking forward to being home and doing a little bit of writing for the next three weeks. We won’t have to travel again until the second week in February. I love seeing my son doing what he loves. I think that’s more important than all the medals in the world.

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