Lifestyle Changes

This weekend, I had little time to myself. On Saturday, every kid had something going on. I spent most of my day driving around town. When you have three young kids, you really do feel like a Taxi cab sometimes. My mom made up for my long hellish day in the car by making Cosmos in the evening. What a great way to relax after running around all day.

But on Sunday I was looking for some time to myself. About four years ago, I decided to get into shape. I had spent a few years popping out babies and sitting on the couch. I loved television and not much else. I had no friends, besides people at work, and I ate Mexican food every day (or so it seemed). I started by taking Taekwondo. We did high intensity interval classes there that kicked my butt, but also helped me drop the pounds. I learned how to have fun and exercise at the same time. While I lost weight I also lost my hair, but I gained confidence in myself too, and I started finding out what it took to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And before I knew it I lost 60 pounds.

I don’t really have a lot of before photos of my whole body. But here’s one I found from 2011, and directly below it is one from just the other day. You can tell such a difference just from my face:


Lauren 2015

Making a lifestyle change is hard. I backslide often. I have days I don’t want to get off the couch. But more often than not, I feel bad if I don’t exercise. I push myself to exercise so I have energy and feel healthier and better about my body and myself. The better I feel, the better my writing is, the more I can give to my husband, my children, and my job.

On Sunday, I decided to go for a run. (I just took up jogging again, and I’ve been building up slowly). Usually I get super bored on runs, but because of my lack of me- time, I had a lot to think about. As I ran, I solved problems regarding my main character in the book I’m editing. I thought about each one of the kids. I figured out what I had to do this week, and I exercised. Exercise is a great way to give yourself some time to just be by yourself. We’re so overwhelmed in this world by electronics, other people, and busy schedules that we rarely have time to just be. Creative minds need time to reflect and meditate in order to create. And I’ve found running to be a great time to do that.

About once a week, I’m going to do a weight loss/exercise/healthy living post. I’ll tell you all ways I’ve found that have helped me to lose weight and keep it off. I’ll let you know how to climb onto the wagon when you fall off. I’ll let you know what’s worked well for me and what hasn’t. I hope you’ll enjoy these posts!

What are your goal regarding your lifestyle?

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5 thoughts on “Lifestyle Changes

  1. Wow, well done you! I really mean it!
    I should get around to it too (saying bye-bye to 40 pounds or so would be nice), but there are few things in the way, and it’s not TV – I don’t watch it at all. But my other hobbies revolve around sitting down: writing, reading, art&crafts, video games. Then, there are my knees – they don’t like me much, so no running, cycling, even rowing is not much of a good idea. Swimming would be the best, but the pools in Ireland… well, let’s just not talk about them, ok?
    I also always considered myself not disciplined enough to follow through with any exercise, but seeing as I could whip myself into daily writing, I can’t deny I _could_ do the same with exercising. So I started light: just 5-10mins before bed time and I hope to build up on it. As you wrote, making a change is hard, so I’m starting small. I’m also looking forward to your posts about it! 🙂

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    • You can do it! I made small changes and continued on the journey. Making smaller changes and incorporating little bits of exercise at a time helped me not to give up! I’ll blog about it seen. I do love to read and write, which involves a lot of sitting, but I also love to be active now–so much more so than I thought I would!

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      • Thank you for your encouragement, Laureen! 🙂
        Yeah, I have nothing against being active (I like walking and hiking), it’s just there’s never enough time to do everything, and living in the middle of a city with no car kind of limits my options.

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  2. You are making awesome changes! In the past, I’ve been a sometimes runner, because, like you said, I would often get bored. Something that I’ve found that helps me is to listen to motivational speeches while I run! I know that might sound weird, but it keeps me going!

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