Productive Running

I had a productive weekend, and I feel so good from it. I have a tendency toward lassitude on my weekends at home (thanks to my son for the vocabulary word this weekend). I’m so busy during the week and with travel gymnastics season that when I have a day at home I want to sit around and binge watch Netflix. I may have told you this about a hundred times.

I had a cough last week. The prior weekend, I’d visited my sister and we ran in snow flurries and cold, and I think it set my asthma off. My breathing has been strange, and I have a morning and a night cough, so I took almost a week off from running. Boy, was that discouraging.

Instead of sleeping late on Saturday, I woke up early and went for a run with my running partner Sean.


EIGHT Miles! The furthest yet. And I didn’t die or cough to death. In fact, it made me feel even more like this half-marathon is doable. I took Gu and water, and I felt fine afterwards. In fact, I came home and after I quit shivering, I took a small nap, then went to run errands with Hubby and the kids. In the afternoon, I played in the backyard with the kids in the sunshine, including football and basketball. I kept going and for once didn’t feel completely exhausted after a long run. What an achievement. Almost as good as writing a book! 😉 And then yesterday, I didn’t even feel sore!

I will say that I worked very hard on changing my attitude this week. I’d been having negative thoughts during my runs like, I can’t do this. This hurts. I want to stop. So I did a Google search on how to motivate myself to keep running when I’m by myself. The consensus seemed to be to have a mantra. And I stole mine from one of those authors: Where the feet go, the mind follows. Any time I feel like quitting, I tell myself this. And it works. It’s amazing how much changing ones thinking from negative to positive can be a motivator.

What was your greatest achievement this weekend?

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One thought on “Productive Running

  1. Outstanding! Don’t you just love it when you have a run go perfectly? It is the best feeling. I did my first half back in September. I thought that would be it but it went so well and I felt so good about myself after that I signed up for another, this one in May. 🙂

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