I’m a Nasty Woman

Yesterday, I was proud to be a woman and an American. I watched as women all over the world protested, marched, and came together in solidarity for woman and equal rights all over the world. I don’t generally write about politics. In fact, I live in Montgomery, Alabama where most liberals are looked at like some scourge on the surface of the earth. But I’m tired of being quiet about my position and what I think is right and wrong. I think the only way to make change is to be vocal about it. Great change happens when we take action, not when we sit silently by.

Women marched together non-violently yesterday. And why did they march? They marched for all sorts of reasons: health care, abortion, diversity, and climate change. Women marched because they’re tired of being objects. Women marched because they believe that it’s the first step toward a united front in the face of hatred. They marched together in love. They’re tired of working hard only to earn a whopping 20% less than a man in the same position with the same qualifications as them. 

I was slayed by the people who said: Why are they marching? Women already have equal rights. This is absolutely not true. There is income disparity. Women are still sexually harassed daily. Women are raped. Men get off from charges so they don’t miss “the college experiment.” Since when is that fair?

But the march was about much more than that. It was a protest against hate, racism, bigotry. It was a reminder that Muslims are people too, and they’re not all terrorists, and they shouldn’t be registered. It was a reminder that we are all human beings and we are all guaranteed certain human rights. It was a reminder that we are capable of change, because there are a great number of us who want it. Power in numbers.

CNN, yes, yes, the liberal news outlet, posted an article entitled Moment or a Movement. I think it’s important for women and men all over the world not to let this moment pass us by. We need to make it a movement. We need to use the energy from the marches yesterday to get involved and initiate change. Show your daughters they have power by becoming politically involved. Call your senator. Get involved at Planned Parenthood or another nonprofit of your choice. Donate to a nonprofit (like Mercy Corps, NRDC , or SPLC, just to name a few) monthly. Start writing letters to your senators, even if you live in Alabama and they send you a letter back saying that they basically will never agree with you or take you seriously. Get involved in education that helps minorities and poverty-stricken students RISE UP and rise above their circumstances. The more people who get involved the more change we can make.We can do it at the grassroots level. It takes one person to make change.

Let’s make this a movement, not just a moment like in Hamilton’s My Shot:


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6 thoughts on “I’m a Nasty Woman

  1. well stated. 🙂 Love you and i watched the marches in DC and Calif. they had one here too…… You are a talented writer,,keep up the great work!

    On Sun, Jan 22, 2017 at 8:03 AM, Lauren Greene, Author wrote:

    > legreene515 posted: “Yesterday, I was proud to be a woman and an American. > I watched as women all over the world protested, marched, and came together > in solidarity for woman and equal rights all over the world. I don’t > generally write about politics. In fact, I live in Montg” >

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  2. You certainly do not speak for all women, and you certainly don’t speak for me. I can do that all by myself. And instead of telling people to donate to your listed charities….such a shame. When there are pediatric patients dying from incurable cancers because there is not enough money for research. Why you ask? Because there are so many $$$ specific charities (which I’m sure you know what I am referring too). Why don’t you list St. Jude’s for our children that we our pushing out of our “vaginas” to give life to the new generation of “nasty” women. That “nasty” baby female that you may birth one day from a incurable pediatric cancer. So, think a little further than the ownership of your vagina. And again, DO NOT DO ME OR MY FELLOW THINKING WOMEN, any favors. Yesterday was a disgrace to women. Although there were many marching, I guarantee there is a much larger populace of women that were appalled. And you are 19….talk to me after you have given life (maybe you have) and experienced the “real” world. I’m 37, a divorced mother of three, who’s loving father was killed last year in a motorcycle accident. Although we divorced and there was hurt, we rose above it and made it work for them. Yes, I was hurt by what happened leading to the divorce. But I rose above and refuse to be a bitter woman. That is what I am teaching my daughter of 9 without the details of why we divorced. That will come in time. But everyday, I go to a full time job, making more money than a lot of men. Why? Because I used my head and picked a major that paid well and I could support my children if needed. Crazy….because that ended up being what I needed to do. Quit letting your liberal professors indoctrinate your mind. My profession was once male concentrated and now has more women in the profession now than ever. So the equality card is BS. YOU have the choice to decide what profession you choose. Research it and income. It’s YOUR LIFE AND RESPONSIBILITY TI YOURSELF AND FUTURE children. So as I said earlier, DO NOT think you speak for all women, because A LOT of us our pissed at your lack of disrespect for us women that you and the movement do not represent AT ALL!


    • I’m not sure why you think I’m 19 years old. I’m not. You are welcome to your opinion. I’m welcome to mine. And this is my blog, so I can share the places to donate that are important to me with my readers. That doesn’t mean you have to agree or like it. That doesn’t mean they have to agree or like it. I think that’s what is great about America. We can disagree. We can protests if we want to. We can give to St. Jude’s if we want to, because I agree–they’re a good organization to give to for cancer research. But this post wasn’t about cancer research. I’m sorry for everything that has happened in your life. I do hope you find happiness. I’m teaching my children my values, as I’m sure you’re teaching your children your values. I’m proud to be raising a strong daughter and sons who I hope will be courageous, loving, and respectful of women and people of all colors, races, ethnicities, and genders.


  3. Minor points on content. Whopping, not whooping. Slayed not Sleighed. Hamilton was an afrocentric diatribe against this country along with distasteful display towards Vice President Pence.
    Now on to the “Womens Day”. No impact where I work. I work with IT professionals and they are in all positions and all were here as we have work to do. I suspect that all these “attendees” were not missed anywhere. Ashley Judd is an intellectual midget but is paid to entertain. She was not entertaining unless you weigh in the laughter she caused when she opened her mouth.


    • Thank you for your grammatical corrections. I will make the changes. I don’t agree with you on Hamilton.Hamilton’s cast represents a large portion of America that is often marginalized. The story tells the story of our founding fathers. I think Dixon expressed his views with “love” and he even condemned those who booed the VP. We are obviously on opposite sides of the political spectrum and nothing I can do or say will make you change your mind. Many women, yesterday, and during the march in January attended in solidarity with other women who could not attend. Women fight for equality every day, as do African Americans, and other minorities. I won’t address your comments about Ashley Judd as they are just name-calling and add no real value to any debate or accusation you wish to make against my point of view.


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