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This weekend, I thought about how texting prohibits you from hearing someone’s voice. I admit, I text way more often than I talk on the phone. I’ve never been a great phone talker. There are a lot of empty spaces. I like to see people’s body language when I talk to them, and for some reason I feel self-conscious on the phone.

We were out at a birthday party, and Darling Daughter came up to me to tell me something funny. She is a happy child. Laughs and giggles and takes everything in stride. I think it’s an amazing attribute to her personality. I told her, “I kinda like you, gal.” Gipop, my grandfather, used to always say that to me. I could hear his voice echoing in my head. It made me miss him, but it also made me miss my sisters’ voices and my brother’s voice. I don’t talk to them often enough. There simply isn’t enough time. And the world nowadays is all about convenience. I fall back on texting a lot, but I need to make that change.

I like to be lazy on the weekends and play Civilization on the PC. I play an old version. It must be about 5 years old. My dad played it when I was growing up. And so maybe that’s the reason I like it. I’m a pacifist, but when it come to Civ I’m a warmonger. My favorite thing to do is to build up my military and take over other countries. I wonder what this says about me!

This year, Hubby and I are hosting Thanksgiving. My brother’s family will be there. Two of my aunts and their  families. My cousin with a baby who I’m dying to meet! I’m nervous and keep thinking I’m forgetting something. I woke up at 3 AM wondering if I needed to buy Sprite for the kids. Insomnia over Sprite, people! In the South, we make a lot of casseroles for Thanksgiving. I think ours will mostly center around dessert though. Son Number Two wants to make cherry pie, and I’m already making black bottom cupcakes. I think one of the things we’ll be missing this year is sweet potato casserole. Oh well.

This past weekend, I tried to do some intentional things with the kids so we weren’t just potatoes lying around on the couch. I went to Darling Daughter’s parent observation ballet class. She laughed the entire time. I hope she does a better job concentrating when I’m not there.

Laughing Through Ballet

Hubby and I took all the kids to the playground. Even the thirteen year old participated. Miracle of miracles.

son-number-1.jpgSon Number 2

This week, I’m going to work on writing again. I know my blog has been sparse. It’s been busy up in here!

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3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Blog

  1. “I’ve never been a great phone talker. There are a lot of empty spaces. I like to see people’s body language when I talk to them, and for some reason I feel self-conscious on the phone.”
    LOL we ARE twins. I feel exactly the same. Not only that, but the blog post I’m writing now is all about phones. Well, it’s the holiday season and we are allowed to be distracted and busy and troubled in the wee hours over whether or not we stocked up on Sprite. (My Turkey Day grocery list, with all its nods to those who don’t do dairy or can’t stomach wheat kept me awake last Friday night.) I think you should pop open a carton of egg nog, dose it good with brandy, and toast yourself for managing to get the kids to the playground and attend your daughter’s dance perf.

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    • It is funny what wakes me up at 3 AM! Losing sleep over Sprite. HA! Hubs bought lots of tonic for the gin for Thursday. I will need a few. My family is fairly laid back, and I’m excited to see them. And I’m sure it will all go off with only minor hitches. What are you doing for Thanksgiving this year?

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      • Like you, we are hosting–well, we do that every year. Daughter and her partner arrive on Wednesday. Step-daughter and her partner arrive on Saturday. Alas, our kids have reached the ages where we have to share them with other families on holiday occasions. The boys live too far to come for Thanksgiving, but hopefully will make Christmas. It will be hectic and fun. There’s plenty of eggnog and brandy, and I’ll bake both vegan and non-vegan pies, and throw three tons of winter veggies in the oven to roast, and my husband does the turkey and stuffing. Happy Thanksgiving!

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