Summer Break

Everyone needs a break, including, apparently, this author. I’ve been quite busy.

First, I went here:

Disney 1

The famous author and her husband.

I’m sure you can figure out where that picture is from. My husband and I spent our 15th Anniversary chasing kids around Disney. We also were able to enjoy it with my sister-in-law, her two kids, and my mother-in-law. Fun times! I’m a big goof, and I LOVE Disney. It is one of my most favorite places. Kids and adults have fun there. I also did it right, and we didn’t start going to Disney until my youngest daughter turned five. The food. The rides. I think it’s all great. If you haven’t been on the new Pandora ride, you need to drop everything, book a trip and go down. It was hands down my favorite. And walking through the line, the gardens were absolutely beautiful:

Disney 2

Then I came home, and I started concentrating on my short story. Okay, I’ve written about two sentences on it. I really started concentrating on eating better, running, and avoiding writing again. But, I decided I needed to start writing again today. I’d like to enter my short story into the Masters Review contest, but that’s due July 31st, and I’m not sure if I will have it finished and edited by then. I entered their flash contest, but winners will not be announced until September. The waiting game–it’s real, y’all.

I keep thinking there will be a time in life in which I will be able to just write. Or, you know, fit it into my schedule. I do a lot of procrastinating. I tend to have to set mini-goals or sprint to write. Once I start sprinting, I usually get on a roll and can keep going. So my goal this week is to sprint once a day and finish my short story by next Wednesday. If I can do that, I may possibly have enough time to edit and submit it.

I hope to continue sharing some of my short pieces with you all, and I plan on getting back to posting about once a week.




2 thoughts on “Summer Break

  1. Nice to see you and hubs looking happy on your Disney break, Lauren. As for “I keep thinking there will be a time in life in which I will be able to just write,” is there a writer alive who doesn’t have this thought daily? Hourly? But perhaps the purpose of all that intervening, disrupting life is to give us something to write about. Not the laundry itself, per se, but the fact that much of life is composed of routine tasks we could do in our sleep. Not the car breaking down on the bridge in rush hour traffic, but the idea of rising above frustration to endure. Annoying realities. Great themes???

    Glad to hear you’re submitting to the Masters contest, and good luck.


    • Thanks Amy. Yes, I’m trying to. I didn’t finish my new short story, because life got in the way. But, I’m working on editing a previous non-published story which might do the trick. If not, I’ll hit up the next contest.

      I love your comments, because you are so wise and really help me put things into perspective.


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